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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

In order to truly free our children from the traditional barriers and pressures placed by today's society, we have to look at everything they are surrounded and influenced by; Television, music, magazines, technology, clothing and hobbies, to name just a few.  Childhood is a time for great imagination, discovery and creativity. All attributes that should be developed and nurtured, not only for art but for life in general.  Being able to 'think outside the box' in order to problem solve is a great skill in any line of work.  Children need to be free and unstructured in their play so their imaginations can run wild.

There are some amazing and inspiring magazines / E-Magazines worldwide that have changed the mould. With the belief of protecting children from the never ending wheel of consumerism by being Ad-free and child focus.  Celebrating the creativity of childhood through drawing, writing, colouring and craft. They are not gender specific like many on the market, allowing children to be children.

Here are some of our favourites here at Dilly Headquarters, I urge you to take a peak and let us know what you think.  
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