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Hello, I am Selena. I am a childrenswear Designer and mother to three young children.  I love red shoes, bright coloured  hair (I am usually of the red variety), coloured tights, hairslides and acrylic jewellery. (with a weakness for Tatty Devine) I love to collect things, vintage crockery and furniture, vintage toys, fabric, wool, illustrations, records....you get the idea!  I love imagery and have scrapbooks full of inspirational pictures, thankfully with the invention of Pinterest (follow me here) I have saved vital space, paper and time!   I am always on the hunt and I take influence from everywhere, but have a great fondness for British Street/Sub cultures, Harajuku Kids, Scandinavian fashion & lifestyle as well as a slight obsession for Paris.

After many years designing kidswear for the British High Street I moved onto a new chapter of my life and have been raising my three young children.   It has been a really creative time in my life, because of the children and having the time to research, absorb and live what is going on in the world.  I recently took an ecourse with Holly Becker from Decor8 to develop my blog.....the dream blog moodboard you see slotted above is part of the homework from this course.  This is how I would like my blog to look and the content I am aiming to provide.  In a dream world I would love to have a photograph section of cool families/kids in a 'street fashion' type article, plus tutorials on hairstyles, styling, craft and fashion.  I would love to develop my blog so it becomes a place where people come to find out what is going on in the world of kids fashion.  The interesting side of kids fashion, not just the obvious.  I am hoping to provide a magazine style content and you never know there may even be a 'Dilly Foxtrot' magazine in the future!

I really hope you like my choices and find something truely inspirational.  Thank you for stopping by it has been lovely to have you here.

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