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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

In recent years, mainly due to the heavy influence of Scandinavian childrenswear such as Polarn O Pryet; Uk High Street retailers have embraced gender neutral clothing. Traditionally, this would have been considered 'casualwear' or even....wait for it, 'childrenswear'.  Yes, there is nothing multinationals love more than taking an old idea, repackaging it and then charging us double for the privilege!  

In the seventies, kids were all dressed the same regardless of gender.  They were allowed to be kids and the clothes reflected this.  They had to be practical as well as comfortable, plus it was the seventies so the colours and prints were awesome!   Now of course there were dresses and items that were specified for each sex, Victoriana was a huge trend for girls.  So I'm not looking back with rose tinted glasses and I love a good frock as much as the next person but the childrenswear market hadn't yet been tapped in to.  Someone who has taken that 70's formula and shown how successful it can be is Jools Oliver with her Mothercare collaboration 'Little bird'.  Many of the designs are based on original Mothercare design specs.  
Image & Rights Reserved to Little Bird by Jools Oliver
My main objective is to change peoples perspective of childrenwear by showcasing what is already available.  Who is offering an alternative choice and a change in attitude, for both boys and girls.  It is a real eye opener when you look at other countries and how they present their children, you realise how gender specific the UK is.  

Now you may think clothing is irrelevant, but if you put a child inside a box from a young age then their outlook and goals are moulded and ultimately decided for them.  For instance if boys always have 'trouble'or 'mischief maker' on their clothing, what does that instil in the child?  We really need to be conscious of what message we are giving our children.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jigsaw Junior

Over the past few years the tide has begun to turn with regards to girlswear.  There is no doubt that Scandinavian 'unisex' styling has had an effect and born out of this trend new independent brands have emerged, such as Beau loves.  However, we expect this from more forward thinking fashion labels, so imagine my surprise when I saw the AW14 photoshoot for Jigsaw Junior.  Now, don't get me wrong, Jigsaw Junior have designed some beautiful ranges in the past, but they were definitely more girlie, traditional and far away from anything 'cool'.  

It's great to see a British brand embracing the images of  'proper' little girls skateboarding, hanging out and generally looking like kids rather than prancing around in a pink fluffy outfit!   I also happen to know the little girl featured in all photographs and she is one of the coolest kids around!  
Image & Rights reserved Jigsaw

Image & Rights Reserved Jigsaw

Image & Rights Reserved Jigsaw

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I follow Curious Pip on instagram and absolutely love her (Sarah Burford) work.  Beautifully illustrated, slightly quirky, vintage glamour circus showgirls, starlets and chorus girls - what is not to love!  I recently came across a post of a glittery print - 'Belinda and the bear' (pictured) and I had to make a purchase.  I love it so much I just had to share.  She also makes gorgeous dolls, so please click on the link and have some joy brought into your life!

Image & Rights Reserved Curious Pip

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I came across Grubbies in a copy of Mollie Makes magazine.  It is a British company, designed and made in the UK - producing fantastic denim dungarees, playsuits, pinafores, kerchiefs & tees.  Styles are simple with a nod to a nostalgic childhood.  All denim used is soft but durable and there is a great attention to detail with contrast colour piping/zippers and pocket shape. Furthermore, there isn't a hint of a 'character' or 'vehicle' which so many brands insist on adding to children's clothing, especially denim garments.  Many styles are unisex and perfect for all seasons.  

All Images & Rights Reserved Grubbies

All Images & Rights Reserved Grubbies

All Images & Rights Reserved Grubbies

The range of kerchiefs are gorgeous, they could be used as a bib for younger children, a retro style headscarf or a neckachief.  All feature the beautifully quirky illustrations of Marion Lindsay. (Children's book illustrator) It is so great to find a childrenswear brand that appreciate the need for function and style, yet allow children to ultimately be children.

All Images & Rights Reserved Grubbies

Let's here it for the boys.....

I think an image can speak a thousand words  (Click here for amazing inspirational childrenswear)  
I just love this image....the desert boots, the casual turn-up mixed with that gorgeous teal and yellow stripe. It is taken from the Californian based company  'Richer Poorer' which makes everyday ordinary items a little more exciting!  I think it is the epitome of cool kidswear.
Image & Rights Reserved Richer Poorer

Milo et Mimi

Milo et Mimi is a lovely online boutique offering a wide selection of stylish children's clothing, accessories and gifts. London based and founded by Lena, who searches internationally to find unique, beautiful and ethical products that can then be made available  to your doorstep!

There are lots of brands available that are old favourites of ours here are Dilly HQ, such as the elegant Soft Gallery, super cool hair accessory brand Hello shiso and unique softies by Mikodesign to name just a few.
All Images & Rights Reserved Milo et Mimi

All Images & Rights Reserved Milo et Mimi

All Images & Rights Reserved Milo et Mimi

However, what makes Milo et Mimi different and more exciting is that they stock more unusual brands that are less available here in the UK.  Brands such as Buho - boho-chic childrenswear from Barcelona, Tarantela a Spanish childrenswear brand that have beautiful garments perfect for summer and P'tit Chic.....de Paris, which is the epitome of Parisian chic.

One brand that I have discovered thanks to Milo et Mimi is Adelaide NYC which offers acrylic hair accessories and charm bracelets.  I love the quirky, bright coloured designs as well as the beautiful Liberty Printed designs.  We do love a hair accessory and this brand does not disappoint.

All Images & Rights Reserved Milo et Mimi

So click on the links and you are sure to find something amazing!

Friday, 14 March 2014


RaspberryPlum is the sort of Brand that really excites me.   It's not obvious childrenswear.  It's cool, cleverly designed and perfect for any little girl.  Feminine without being overly girlie.  Contemporary without being a slave to trend.  There is a definite nod to vintage, but overall the range is fun and more importantly wearable. We talk about children being able to be children, but still be stylish on the blog quite often and RaspberryPlum not only do this, but they promote it to -"Play, get messy but always look chic" is there tagline.  

I love the range as it is quirky, eclectic and functional with a great use of colour.  There is also a range of hosiery to complete your outfit.  Definitely another brand to watch and another firm favourite here at Dilly Foxtrot.  Click on the link above to find out more.

All Images & Rights Reserved RaspberryPlum

Hug & Hatch

Hug & Hatch are a New and Exciting British designed / Spanish Manufactured children's footwear company, that will launch in July with their Autumn Winter 2014 range.  It is so great to finally have a British company that creates cool and quirky footwear, we usually have to sit and admire our continental cousins so this is a real treat!  I love the fact that there is no over styling, the design talks for itself with key detailing such as contrast colour topstitching and clever fabric choices.

There are three collections that are available for Pre-walkers, First walkers and then juniors.  (There is a helpful guide to shoe sizing on the website)  Any of these styles would compliment an outfit and offer an element of cool....leopard print desert boots, what's not to love!  Click on the link above and check out the full range, you won't be disappointed.  Definitely a brand to watch and we wish them well with their launch.
Images & Rights Reserved Hug & Hatch

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Poppy Rose - Perfect Bridesmaid/flower girl outfit

Following on from Yesterdays bridesmaid / flower girl trends I have the ultimate outfit for you!  It comes from the Spring Summer 2014 collection by Danish Brand Poppy Rose (featured on the cool Paul & Paula blog that features international kids design & lifestyle).  It is perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding and is a breath of fresh air to your usual bridesmaid outfits.  I know that it isn't traditionally a wedding garment, but to be honest I think looking at kids fashion would be a better place to start for inspiration rather than a wedding shop rail.  Just look at this beautiful, simple cut dress in cheery yellow with a crown of fresh flowers.  It would compliment any wedding party exquisitely! 

Photography & Styling: Melanie Rodriguez & Deborah SfezImage & Rights Reserved Poppy Rose

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pierrot la lune

Pierrot la Lune is a new Danish childrenswear Brand that I came across via Pinterest.  I was drawn to the 'care free' childhood  element of the photographs.  The most successful childrenswear, in my opinion, is those that allow children to be children and I feel Pierrot la Lune does this in abundance.  

The Spring Summer 2014 collection is decidedly Danish in style, yet has an ambience that is classically French. There is also an Indian influence with traditional block print detailing. The colour palette is delicate and muted, chosen to be remnant of a faded photograph and a nod to the nostalgia of a bygone childhood.  Garments are simple, clean shapes with fine features such as embroidery & ruffles which are teamed up with chunkier knits.   Simply, a beautifully put together timeless collection that is affordable, ethical and environmental sustainable.

Image & Rights Reserved Pierrot la Lune

Image & Rights Reserved Pierrot la Lune

Image & Rights reserved Pierrot la Lune

Spring Summer 2014 Wedding Trends for Little Girls

I have quite a few loves, but hair and fashion are firm favourites!  My mum was a hairdresser in the sixties and I always adored the backcombed creations she produced, as well as the hood hair dryer we had in pride of place on our Danish teak sideboard.  My sister and I would spend our lives in rollers and it led me down the path of experimentation with my hair.  I have had it most colours, though red is always a firm favourite and the colour I come back to.  I have always been 'diy' when it comes to hair with a bit of a carefree attitude and have inflicted this on many a friend!  However, I have recently put all these diy skills into proper training and I am now a qualified wedding hairstylist!  

I am currently putting all my ideas together to create a photoshoot and website for this new venture.  Although it is quite different to designing clothes it is not a million miles away, but I am hoping it will fit more happily with having a family.  I will still be posting on Dilly Foxtrot and I think these two projects will sit side by side cheerfully.

Therefore, I have decided to put together some great flower girl/bridesmaid or guest ideas that have been trending for Spring summer 2014.  Expect to see lots of real flower crowns, shorter length dresses, messy updos, braids & an overall bohemian feel.

I have started with Dolce & Gabbana who have a lovely Spring Summer 2014 campaign.  You will find bright coloured lace and floral prints teamed with beautiful floral headwear and even  bands with golden buttons.
Image & Rights reserved Dolce & Gabbana

Image & Rights Reserved Dolce & Gabbana

Bonpoint's SS14 Campaign feature beautiful ditsy prints, ethereal dresses and flower crowns, however, I particularly love the block colour dresses with cut out lace detailing.  Really simple, clean design which has be accessorised with underdone hair and fresh flower crowns.  I also love the contrasting pretty delicate dress with knee high ribbed socks!
Image & Rights reserved Bonpoint

Image & Rights Reserved Bonpoint

Finally, I wanted to show you some beautiful styling from jujubunnyshop (A gorgeous online store offering childrenswear from Korea & europe).   Delicate coloured tulle shirts, ditsy florals, accessorised with leaf crowns & braids.  Really simple, laid back styling but perfect for any wedding. (All Images & rights Reserved jujubunnyshop)

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