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Fashion can seem such a fickle and unimportant part of life, especially when there is so much tragedy in the world.  However, how we dress not only reflects the society of the day, but also how we present and define ourselves.  

I grew up in an environment where self expression and experimentation were actively encouraged, which is something I have passed onto my children.  This can be a blessing and a curse!  Sometimes they can look super cute and amazing, whereas other times....not so much!  Nonetheless, I think it is an important lesson for developing their own individuality and in turn respecting others choices.

Roughly a hundred years ago, Coco Chanel began liberating women from the constraints of 'corsets' and created clothing that was comfortable, which meant women could move more freely physically.  This then enabled them to do the same mentally and allowed women to break free from their societal shackles.  This then led to women / girls having much more choice about their own lives throughout the 20th century.  So why then in 2017 are we shackling our children?  Why are toys, clothes and attitudes so gender specific?  

This is something I am passionate about, especially raising identical twin girls.  I have always dressed them individually and rarely refer to them as being twins.  Through doing this, I believe they have developed their own identity.  However, throughout their short life they have bared witness to the constant comments and desperate attempts by their peers and adults to compartmentalise them.  

One loves comfort and defines herself by ' short hair, sportswear, don't care!', whereas the other one is far more experimental and will try out anything she feels like on that day.   I want them to feel like they have the freedom to do and be whoever they want to be, but today's attitude toward their differing style only lead people to define them as 'the girlie one' and 'the tomboy'.  From toddlers they were put into these boxes, their sexuality questioned and their choices made for them.  Well, not on my watch.  Here we will fight the stereotypes by channelling positivity and creativity as well as showcasing all the amazing people out there doing the same. #likeagirl

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