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Friday 6 April 2018

Occasionally you come across an image and it just grabs you.  That one shot says everything you have been trying to convey.  One such photograph did just that when I came across it last year.  It was for the S/S17 Launch of the brand Bandy Button.  A French childrenswear label that took all the cool, laid back ethos from Seventies LA and made it current.

I love the relaxed styling of the shoot, along with the comfortable fabrics / garment construction, bright colours and na├»ve graphics.  This combination makes for great kidswear.  It allows them the freedom to be children, not to be restricted; something we talk about regularly here at Dilly HQ.  

The S/S18 Range is called Dessert baby and upholds all of the above aspects, I urge you to take a look by clicking on the link.  
Image result for bandy button
Image & Rights Reserved by Bandy Button

Friday 30 March 2018

Oh! Mess is a Polish Brand I came across on Instagram.  The images immediately spoke to me and my passion for carefree kidswear.  I love the tight colour palette and this, along with the simplistic design make for a clean / fresh capsule collection.  

The non-fussy, easy to wear clothing with some unisex garments allow kids to be kids, yet still look contemporary and stylish at the same time.  Check out their full Lookbook here.  

All Images & Rights Reserved 2018 Ohmess

Challenging Societal Trends

It has been a few weeks since we all celebrated 'International Woman's Day'.  A specific day allocated to highlight the achievements of women since 1909 as well as the daily struggles.  There was an expectation that this would help eradicate the expectation and preconceptions of the past to make new paths for the future.

I grew up in a time where there was a national drive for girls to achieve academically and this was encouraged by my parents, who both grew up with limited opportunity.  The assumption for us was if you worked hard you would achieve anything you wanted to do.  Empowering stuff!

So how is it now, over a hundred years after that first International Woman's Day and thirty years since I was in school are our children more shackled by gender and class?

 As parents and teachers we empower our girls valiantly with the aspirations that were once foretold to me, however, society has changed.  Definitions and attitudes have reverted somewhat and we as women are fighting against this growing trend.  Mainstream clothing and toys are now predetermined by gender, which then in turn has its own set of predetermined rules.  Specific styles and colours are outlined for each gender.  Through doing this, gender roles and therefore aspirations are being predestined.  Which is then backed up by the right-wing media running continually stories of 'political correctness gone mad' at the very notion of gender neutral clothing.

If we step away from the British High Street chains, there is a whole world out there full of innovative and creative people that are challenging the current norm.  Believing in a better, more equal world.  It is vital we empower our girls, but it is equally essential we educate and support boys.  It is only when no one is left behind that we will have a more harmonious society.


Wednesday 28 March 2018

With the continued annihilation of the arts, creativity and all the skills that accompany them - it is a relief to discover some home-grown talent.  Laney is designed, made and customised in Brixton by Laurie Delaney.  A unisex kidswear brand that offers unique, functional pieces that not only allow children to do all the things children need to do, but look effortlessly cool whilst doing it!
Garments are simplistic in style, but the customisation of cuffs / colour etc creates something new.  Laney is a brand that enables kids to develop their own style from only a few garments, which is unusual in today’s market and can only be a great string to their bow.  It is going to be interesting to see how Laney develops and moves forward.

All Images & Rights Reserved to  See the source image LANEY 

Tuesday 5 September 2017

In recent years, mainly due to the heavy influence of Scandinavian childrenswear such as Polarn O Pryet; Uk High Street retailers have embraced gender neutral clothing. Traditionally, this would have been considered 'casualwear' or even....wait for it, 'childrenswear'.  Yes, there is nothing multinationals love more than taking an old idea, repackaging it and then charging us double for the privilege!  

In the seventies, kids were all dressed the same regardless of gender.  They were allowed to be kids and the clothes reflected this.  They had to be practical as well as comfortable, plus it was the seventies so the colours and prints were awesome!   Now of course there were dresses and items that were specified for each sex, Victoriana was a huge trend for girls.  So I'm not looking back with rose tinted glasses and I love a good frock as much as the next person but the childrenswear market hadn't yet been tapped in to.  Someone who has taken that 70's formula and shown how successful it can be is Jools Oliver with her Mothercare collaboration 'Little bird'.  Many of the designs are based on original Mothercare design specs.  
Image & Rights Reserved to Little Bird by Jools Oliver
My main objective is to change peoples perspective of childrenwear by showcasing what is already available.  Who is offering an alternative choice and a change in attitude, for both boys and girls.  It is a real eye opener when you look at other countries and how they present their children, you realise how gender specific the UK is.  

Now you may think clothing is irrelevant, but if you put a child inside a box from a young age then their outlook and goals are moulded and ultimately decided for them.  For instance if boys always have 'trouble'or 'mischief maker' on their clothing, what does that instil in the child?  We really need to be conscious of what message we are giving our children.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Jigsaw Junior

Over the past few years the tide has begun to turn with regards to girlswear.  There is no doubt that Scandinavian 'unisex' styling has had an effect and born out of this trend new independent brands have emerged, such as Beau loves.  However, we expect this from more forward thinking fashion labels, so imagine my surprise when I saw the AW14 photoshoot for Jigsaw Junior.  Now, don't get me wrong, Jigsaw Junior have designed some beautiful ranges in the past, but they were definitely more girlie, traditional and far away from anything 'cool'.  

It's great to see a British brand embracing the images of  'proper' little girls skateboarding, hanging out and generally looking like kids rather than prancing around in a pink fluffy outfit!   I also happen to know the little girl featured in all photographs and she is one of the coolest kids around!  
Image & Rights reserved Jigsaw

Image & Rights Reserved Jigsaw

Image & Rights Reserved Jigsaw

Tuesday 8 July 2014

I follow Curious Pip on instagram and absolutely love her (Sarah Burford) work.  Beautifully illustrated, slightly quirky, vintage glamour circus showgirls, starlets and chorus girls - what is not to love!  I recently came across a post of a glittery print - 'Belinda and the bear' (pictured) and I had to make a purchase.  I love it so much I just had to share.  She also makes gorgeous dolls, so please click on the link and have some joy brought into your life!

Image & Rights Reserved Curious Pip

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Let's here it for the boys.....

I think an image can speak a thousand words  (Click here for amazing inspirational childrenswear)  
I just love this image....the desert boots, the casual turn-up mixed with that gorgeous teal and yellow stripe. It is taken from the Californian based company  'Richer Poorer' which makes everyday ordinary items a little more exciting!  I think it is the epitome of cool kidswear.
Image & Rights Reserved Richer Poorer

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