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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Soha World

No one does kidswear like Japan. It is quirky, cool, practical, colourful and really distinctive.  I've been following Japanese street fashion for many years and it has been an influence on British street fashion, especially amongst sub-cultures.  Images i've collected over the years just don't date and are just as relevant/ forward thinking today as they were several years ago.  I think it is because it is playful and off the wall you can never tire of it.  Exactly how childhood should be!  I've come across this brand  SohaWorld, it doen't really explain where it is based, but it definitely looks Japanese.  Absolutely gorgeous dresses teamed up with long socks and baseball boots.  The boyswear is uber cool, casual tees and jeans.  Lots of brands struggle with boyswear.  Its very easy to do girlswear and find a specific niche, boys is a lot harder.  Infact, half the problem is that brands / retailers try too hard.  Simplicity is often the key.  Check out Dilly's favourite outfits below.

                                   Photos via Sohaworld.com
Lots of layering, bows, collar details, button interest and lace trims.  Vintage accents, quirky play on adultwear.....Brilliant!

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