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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Faithworks 4u

Although I know it is important to look at all the catwalk shows for trends etc, I usually find more inspiring, interesting pieces from different sources such as etsy.  There are so many talented people offering different, vintage inspired items.  Here is an etsy sight I found that offer gorgeous, retro styled dresses.....Faithworks 4U


No Debutante said...

Hey Miss Dilly. I had a nightie just like this brown dress with the lace bib panel when I was a little lady. That hits your retro dresses and retro nighties posts in one. Love it xx

Reclaim your wedding said...

Hey No Debutante, i've figured out how to comment!!! I'm not suprised you were a style icon, even when you were a child...in your nightie!!!

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