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Thursday 11 August 2011

Thrifty day

I found this in the charity shop today...no batteries required!  The kids love it.
I have a little obsession about vintage toys and we've been building quite a collection.  My mother-in-law kept lots of my husbands toys, lots of cars and lego.  plus lots of records like The Muppet show, playschool and Rainbow.  I featured some of the vintage books I've picked up, I just love the illustrations.  Like the Fisher price school Desk, the illustrations are absolutely adorable. 



Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

Twinkle I miss my Twinkle albums

Reclaim your wedding said...

Twinkle was my favourite comic to get as a child. I've recently done a post featuring some graphics from Twinkle, if you fancy having a look! All the annuals I have now I have picked up from charity shops as my originals didn't make it!

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