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Thursday 29 September 2011


I came across the Waddletots courtesy of http://www.retrotogo.com/.  Quirky Dolls with vintage fabrics, my favourite kinda of combination!  They have a definate 60's illustration look about them.  They are absolutely fabulous.  Unfortunately, they are £145 eah, so a little out of my price range.....but if I could oooh i definately would!!!

They are created by artist and designer Emma Waddleton.  The faces are handpainted and have an individually designed outfit from rare vintage fabrics, accessories and trims that have been carefully sourced and hand picked.
Waddletots are collectable pieces of art which make fabulous gifts and add a gorgeous eclectic touch to your interior.  So now you can appreciate the price!

Take a look at the website for all the characters and where to buy.  Images courtesy of http://www.waddletots.co.uk/

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