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Wednesday 14 December 2011


I read somewhere that you should not apologise about not blogging as it should be for fun and as soon as you start apologising and feeling like you 'have to' it becomes a chore.  However, this is pretty hard when you know that you haven't been blogging much and feel like you need to explain yourself.

Time just seems to disappear and the less time I get to research the less inspired I become.  I find it hard to find my role in the world!  How I want my blog to develop etc.  However, I managed to spend a little time looking at some inspirational blogs and i'm back.....feeling full of inspiration!  So my apologies for being absent and I hope to inspire you too.  Also special thanks to Anabelle for always commenting, I really appreciate it :)

So here is a quick rundown of some lovely inspirational images that caught my eye this week.

Super cool dress  http://www.noeuf.com/dis-une-couleur-rorayou-girlsl-dress.html

Cool boyswear from Finger in the Nose http://www.fingerinthenose.com/

Beautiful hairstyles on Pininterest.....gutted i've just cut my hair off!

Lovely illustrations at http://lauradifrancesco.blogspot.com/

Japanese / NYC fashion .....
Super cool

So there we go, I'll try to bring lots of lovely things but may not always have the opportunity.  So please bear with me!  Thanks for stopping by.

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