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Friday 20 January 2012


I know I said that I would start looking at Spring Summer, but a lot of brands are still finishing off Autumn Winter and haven't updated their websites.  I've just come across a Belgium brand Bellerose.  It was started in 1989 as a menswear brand and started a womenswear collection in 1998, then moved into kidswear 2002.  I really like the style of the lookbook.  Great photography with cool, effortless styling.  The collection is really laid back in both style and colour.  You can definitely tell there is a male influence or a grown up aspect.  Not that the clothing is too old, it is very much childrenswear.  Its just not cutesy or babish.  The girlswear is cool, not pink and fluffy yet still feminine.  My kind of kidswear! I'm looking forward to seeing their spring summer collection.  http://www.kidswear-department.com/ describe their, 'Sources of inspiration that are out of kilter and full of joy.  Sounds rather exciting!  Find out more here http://www.bellerose.be/ and on facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Bellerose/153793311322000?sk=app_6009294086

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