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Sunday 18 November 2012


Czesiociuch is a Polish kidswear brand that refuses to be labelled! Creating unisex range,s that are a refreshing alternative to gender stereotypes.  They believe in a creative spirit that each individual child possesses, free to be who they want to be.  

I've been working in childrenswear for many years and this is truely inspiring to see.  The top two photos show just how great this clothing is.  A perfect outfit for a girl and the same perfect outfit for the boy.  See more here http://www.czesiociuch.pl/ (All Rights and Images Reserved to Czesiociuch)


Lilla company said...

These look really cool! What do you think about their quality?

Reclaim your wedding said...

Hello! I haven't actually seen the garments live, so cannot give you an accurate status of their quality, however, I have found this bit of information about the manufacturing, which sounds pretty good! "Viscose and cotton blends of various thicknesses make sure clothes will withstand the abuse of playgrounds and multiple washes. Manufacturing in Łódź, the oldest Polish textile centre with centuries of industry".

Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by :)

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