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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Reuse Recycle Renew....Groovybaby & Mama

I have written, rewritten and rewritten this post!  I have been finding it a bit difficult of late to blog about inspirational and often expensive brands, when the world appears to be falling apart.  How can I sit here and discuss the latest trends for the season, when people cannot even afford to feed or clothe their children.  When the British Government are destroying all public services and dragging us back into some kind of Victorian Era.  I feel like I should be doing something more worthwhile.  However, after a close examination of my skill set i'm not sure what good I can actually do!  But I do believe grim situations often inspire a new generation to reach for the stars.  As much as the ruling classes would like to dampen our creativity and stifle our dreams somehow they manage to break through.  So on that note, i'll continue!  But with a 'do it yourself' approach perhaps.

With all that said I can't think of anyone better to feature than:

It is a Danish Blog  that I have been following for some time now.  There are lots of tutorials showing you how to make things.  Trine is the lady behind the Blog, you may have seen lots of her creations on Pinterest without knowing.  If you check out her Blog (http://groovybabyandmama.blogspot.co.uk/) you can contact her by email with regards to buying her designs.  She creates clothing for adults and children and has a great sense of style, attention to detail and colour.  Plus she always seems to sneak a piece of leopard print in, which can only be a good thing!  One of her tutorials was recently featured in La Petite Magazine (http://lapetitemag.com/blog/), which incidentally inspired me to re-look at what we feature here at Dilly Foxtrot.

See below just a few of her creations (All Rights and Images are Reserved to Groovybaby & Mama)

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