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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Neon / Fluoro

Neon / Fluoro is everywhere this season.  From high-end fashion, accessories and childrenswear to interiors. It is an easy, fun trend to wear with a nod to the 1990's club scene.  Styling can be subtle or as full on as you like.  From Neon graphics, trims and accessories to all over fluoro fabric shades.  There are numerous accessories available and none more so than in footwear, check out the lovely Belgium Website Les Casse Pieds (www.lescassepieds.be) there are a gorgeous pair of Neon green patent shoes as well as the neon trim high tops below or the French brand Sun Jellies in every shade (http://www.sunjellies.com/little-jellies) as see below also.

However, there are lots of DIY tutorials to help you give your current items a 'Neon' make-over.  See this post by Celina Bailey (Editor of the fantastic blog http://petitapetitandfamily.blogspot.co.uk) for the Uber cool La Petite Magazine Blog, but if that is just too tricky then why not add a neon lace as J.Crew have done to their desert boots, see link and image below.

Love it or loathe it, this trend has been here for a while and shows no signs of disappearing!  I'm pretty sure though from looking at the selected images you can see how good it is for Childrenswear and perhaps just what we need after this long dark winter!

All Images Available here 
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454986870/ (Babekins Magazine Fluoro Ballet pumps)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454972457/ (J.Crew Fluoro Laces in desert boots)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454984870/ (Barbara Decre photograph fluoro satchels & pumps)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454962265/ (Les Casse Pieds.be Fluoro trim high tops)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454948194/ (little-miss-y.be Fluoro hair tie)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454922544/ (Fluoro decorations / accessories by milchschaumdesign.blogspot)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454864089/ (Fluoro graphic styling by http://www.pauletpaula.com)
http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454792665/ (Fluoro Yellow shorts & Jeans http://www.noahs.nl/)


cathy v said...

Love this. Such an easy DIY for so much impact.

Reclaim your wedding said...

Absolutely Cathy! There are so many great tutorials out there to refresh old items. Thanks for stopping by :)

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