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Friday 8 March 2013

Blog Your Way Course

This week I started the decor8 (http://decor8blog.com/) 'Blog Your Way' course with an aim to develop the blog.  I sat down armed with a new pen and my 'Someday' book (a gorgeous diary/notebook full of aspirational photographs that I have had for many years, but it seemed like this was the moment to use it!)  The first lessons have been inspiring and informative.  I am going to learn so much, but there is so much for me to do, to develop....I am completely out of my comfort zone, but I am determined to make changes for the better and try to be the best that I can be!

After the first week I have already learnt so much and there are going to be lots of changes to the Dilly Foxtrot Blog.  One of the first lessons we had was about the profile page of the blog and this is one of the first things I am going to address!  Therefore, today I had a photoshoot with one of my great friends and fantastic photographer Helen.  It was pretty nerve racking.  I am not a natural model, but I understand that readers like to be able to see and identify with the author.  I think it brings a sense of honesty to your work if people can see who you actually are.  So here I am, Selena the founder of Dilly Foxtrot.  A childrenswear Designer by trade, a mother to three by day.  New changes are in the pipe line, so keep posted!


No Debutante said...

OOOhhh! This sounds exciting. I shall look forward to the results! I might have to this a go too. I'm always here keeping an eye on what Dilly Foxtrot (aka my lovely friend Selena) is up to. LOve as always from your friend No Debutante -ahem -Emma xxx

Reclaim your wedding said...

This time last week, I was full of excitement! I was awaiting my first lesson & had been contacted by another company to guest blog on their new website! But I've got to redesign the blog.....ergh! Which I have no idea how to do!!!! I may be out of my league, but thought i'd gotta give it a go, else it will be something else I wish i'd done! I'd recommend it though :) Sending love right back at yaXXX

No Debutante said...

You lucky monkey! Lifes always full of ups and downs, now get on with the blog update and get guest bloggin lady! I noticed half the blogs that i was originally following have been barely blogging at all these days. I am glad I stuck with it, regardless of how many followers I have!! I can't imagine not doing it now! xxxxx

Reclaim your wedding said...

One of the key lessons from this course is consistency! Just keep with it and you develop and naturally grow. I think a lot of blogs have drifted off onto other social media sites. No one blogs as much as they did a few years ago, but then maybe its quality posts rather than quantity! Pat on the back No Debutante...ps Fleur is always going on about how lovely and gorgeous baby belle is! XX

Stacey @ Likes to Smile said...

Hello Fellow BYW Student,

I was just poking around the blogroll and found your blog. Thought I would say hello! Isn't the class amazing?

Hope you're enjoying it as much as I am!


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