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Saturday 16 March 2013

Blogs That Rock

As I mentioned previously I am currently taking the 'Blog Your Way' course created by Holly Becker at Decor8 (A really inspirational blog, so follow the link)  Our homework this week is to write about eight blogs that rock and although this was a great project, as there are so many amazing blogs out there.  It was pretty tricky narrowing it down to just six!  Two of the blogs have to be by people that are also taking the course and there are a lot of people!  A lot of people with fantastic blogs, so its been difficult to choose, however, it has been fantastic searching through them all.  Researching styles, layouts and ultimately being inspired.

Finally, after much deliberation here are my eight 'BLOGS THAT ROCK' and why I think they do:

Now weddings are not the subject matter for my blog, however, 100 Layer Cake is just so inspiring that I have to follow it and now after many years they have just introduced a 'family' aspect to the blog.  There are lots of amazing photographs of real weddings and engagements as well as fashion/themed shoots.  The content is forward thinking and therefore trend setting,its these aspects that then filter through into everyday life. 
As a designer, research is one of your most powerful tools and this website is a definite must for seeing what is going on.  (For example, the moustache illustration that is everywhere, from babies bottles to jewellery.  Well this started from photo booth disguises, which I saw on this blog about four years ago.) Plus its a great resource for ideas and tutorials on decorations, recipes that can be adapted for any occasion.

Orange you lucky
Helen Dardik is the author of 'Orange you Lucky' and her blog is an extension of her work.  She is one of my favourite illustrators and I just love the look of her blog.  The bright colours, the quirky illustrations and her links to other inspirations such as blogs and her etsy favourites.  
One of the strengths of the blog and an aspect I really like, is the amount Helen shares.  Not only her work, but also her family life.  She adds little illustrations to her photographs and she always does free printables for Christmas tags / 'this book belongs' etc  You really feel like you get to know Helen through her blog and that's why it rocks!

This is the first blog taken from the blog roll on the 'BYW' course.  I chose Klein Style firstly because it was in the 'Children's' section and therefore has more relevance to me, but also because I think it looks great!  I love the layout and the background, with the bright colours, quirky illustrations and cool links. I think it is really clear to follow and there are lots pages to look at, featuring recipes/fashion/lifestyle etc.  It looks really professional and the content is good research for a British designer, like myself to see what is trending in Germany.  I'm really glad to have found Klein Style and shall be following from now on!

This blog is more simplistic in colour, but equally effective.  I really like the cleanliness of the layout as it makes it very clear and easy to navigate.  Mikodesign is written by Erika Harberts, a designer based in the Netherlands.  She screen prints and makes items such as the lovely doll and
 rabbit below, just gorgeous don't you think?  Her etsy shop sells all her gorgeous makes, but she offers lots of tutorials on her blog, which are just wonderful.  Like Helen Dardik, Erika shares her life and her two beautiful daughters are very much part of her business.  It is a really nice aspect of the blog, seeing them growing up, helping out and having wonderfully themed birthday parties.
A great blog that I have followed for many years, but Erika also has another blog 'Carnet de Paris' a boutique shopping guide to Paris which she is currently trying to blend with Mikodesign.  This is also a great blog, lots of lovely photos and a snapshot into Parisian trends.

This is a great blog that is written by three ladies in three different locations (Esther in Amsterdam / Courtney in London / Emilie in Paris) with a further five contributors again from all over the world.  This gives the children/family content a real world perspective and you get to see products/trends that you might otherwise miss.  The blog is full of great photographs, tutorials, product reviews and snapshots of their family lives.  It is this sort of blog shows the power of the internet, proving you do not have to be in a certain place to know/understand what is going on.  A brilliantly, informative blog that rocks!

Is written by Swedish Graphic Designer Helena and has all the cool elements you would expect from Scandinavian design; the bold monochrome title, great forward thinking fashion/style etc  
I love her about page (the collage of family photographs below) its shares her family life, but is displayed in a modern graphic way, they have elements of fashion incorporated.  It is a great 'go to' blog to find out about new kids fashion/trends, but more than that it is just a really cool blog that displays all their post and photographs in a contemporary, 'feast for the eyes' way.  It rocks and I love it!

The second blog from the BYW blogroll is 'Glucksmomente' a blog about the daily moments of happiness, diy, illustration and photographs of full time illustrator Noz!  I chose this blog initially because of the ethos/description from the Author Katja, but when I went and viewed the blog I loved the layout and the illustrations.  As you can see from the picture below, it is really clear and easy to navigate, but the title defines the whole blog.  I am a visual person and it instantly grabs me and makes me what to discover more. Plus there are tonnes of recipes, ideas for recycling, illustrations and DIY tutorials, which are all beautifully photographed.   A lovely blog that rocks!  

Kris Atomic
My final blog that rocks is 'Kris Atomic', the musings of freelance illustrator Kristina.  I love her illustrations and the fashion angle of her blog.  (She illustrates lots of fashion collections)  There is so much inspiration on this blog, it is hard to take it all in.  The layout is very clear and concise with the imagery doing the talking.  Her About section is really cool and quirky.  All her links are beautifully presented, especially her information about the camera's she is using.  It is just a fantastic blog with amazing content, humour and imagery.  It really is one of my favourites!   It rocks!

So there you have it, eight blogs that are very different in layout, content and style...yet are all  inspirational and make the world a brighter place, one day I hope to do that too!

(All Images & Rights Reserved to individual blogs  )


noz! said...

Hi Dilly,

thanks a lot for your wonderful description you gave to my blog. And I really love the visualisaton of all the blogs you introduced! That is such a beuatiful style. In think I have to work with such collages for some projeckt I want to do! Thanks a lot & have a nice day!


Reclaim your wedding said...

Hello Katja

The pleasure was all mine! Thank you for the lovely comments, glad you like the collages :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


Lindsey said...

Hi Dilly, I am from the Blog Boss Class and love your blog! I wanted to let you know that I chose yours as one of my blogs to write about. I also have some new favorite blogs that I am so excited to read from your favorites list!
Kind Regards, Lindsey

Catalyst Solutions said...

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