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Thursday 11 April 2013


We have been busy making lots of changes to the Dilly Blog, with lots more to come (watch this space) however, this has meant we have been a little slack with the posts!  Sorry!  To make up for this we have come back with a fantastic Danish Brand 'Albababy'.  Designed by mother of three, Majken Banke.  She has created an exciting, retro inspired range with beautiful detailing, bright colours and loud patterns.  I love the nostalgic feel to the whole range, infact the tag line to the brand is, 'inspired by my own childhood' and maybe that's why I love it!  I think as we grow as adults and have children of our own we look back to our happiest times, maybe with rose tinted glasses, but nevertheless we try to recreate that happy atmosphere we once knew for our own families and one easy way of doing that is through dress.  I think we look back to a simpler time and this kind of easy styling emulates this.  Much of modern childrenswear can be over styled and over complicated.  The Albababy range is not lacking in detailing or construction, but is designed in such a way that there is a happy simplicity to it.  Check out more of the range here (All Images & Rights Reserved Albababy)

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