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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Caroline Ellerbeck - Illustrator

Here at Dilly Foxtrot we love to discover new things / creative people and then share them with you!  Blogs are a constant source of information and inspiration to me, one such blog is Bloesem.  There are two strands to this blog Bloesem Kids and Bloesem Living, founded by Irene Hoofs a graphic designer and I was really privilege to be taught by her on the 'Blog Your Way' course by Decor8 earlier in the year.  Irene is as lovely and inspirational as her blogs!

This week on Bloesem Living she did a face-to-face interview with  Dutch Designer Caroline Ellerbeck (See interview and her beautiful home here) and I just had to share some of her work with you.  I really love her illustrations, there is a certain 'retro' feel to them with cute/quirky little characters and beautiful books.  She even has App's that you can download for your ipad/ipod!  To discover more check out her website http://www.carolineellerbeck.nl/  (All Images & Rights Reserved Caroline Ellerbeck)

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