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Monday 10 June 2013

Janine Basil

I came across Janine Basil via a Facebook page recommendation and instantly fell in love!  I have a wedding in a few weeks and I will definitely be purchasing something from her Etsy page.  I am a sucker for hair accessories and always like to have a nod to vintage/rockabilly, so it is right up my street.  However, I am a little apprehensive about sharing with you as my fellow blogger and good friend Emma at No-Debutante is also going to said wedding; we have declared a style off!  I can guarantee she is going to be a fan too.

Janine creates retro, geek style hats / fascinators / jewellery / hairbands / hair clips and much more at her home in London.   They are just amazing, super glamorous and will make any outfit, so check out her website / etsy shop and be inspired.  

All Images & Rights Reserved Janine Basil

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