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Tuesday 23 July 2013

We are all looking East

New trends are always really interesting, even if you do not particularly like them.  I like to discover where they have originally come from and why they are suddenly so influential.  Trends can come at any time, from anywhere and can be driven by factors such as the economy/environment/ specific events etc. As a designer you are always on the look out for something new or something that catches your eye.  You get a feel for trends and are aware of all the triggers that point to a certain thing.  

One such emerging trend is fashion influence from Eastern European countries such as Poland.  I have come across great, imaginative childrenswear (such as Czesiociuch unisex range which we previously reported on here) along with creative styling / photographers and bloggers.   See below our cool round-up with all links so you can check them out further.....move over Scandinavia!

1.Pinkwings Studio   2.Latvian ZIB kidswear   3.Polish Kidswear Czesiociuch  4.Four'eMki Kidswear
5.d.j.m Studio Lithuanian   6.Cool Polish blog http://makoweczki.pl/

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