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Friday 9 August 2013

The Land of Nod & Lately Lily

Writing the post on illustrator Andrew Bannecker led me to a gorgeous children's homeware website called, 'The Land of Nod'.  (They had just collaborated, resulting in fantastic Meteorite bedding - see here)  One of the many things that caught my eye was this little cardboard suitcase gift pack complete with three graphic bodysuits in by Lately Lily.  

A little investigating and I found their website.  What a discovery!  Lately Lily is a company that was created by Author/Illustrator Micah Player and Apparel Designer Erin Nichols.  Each season is based on the World travels of their character Lily and her best friend Zeborah.  Cool illustrated posters and Tees are available to buy on their website along with the notes / stories of Lily.  

It is all beautifully done, with great illustration.  A new firm favourite of ours here at Dilly HQ!

All Images & Rights Reserved Lately Lily / The Land of Nod

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