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Tuesday 15 October 2013

DIY Halloween Part 1...The Invitation

We are all a little guilty of going over board with parties and although I don't feel pressured that my parties have to be amazing, I do love lots of decorations!  I just love to make things, but I can see that this is just another 'thing' we have in this modern world of ours.  By trying to make everything look perfect and impressive we have lost sight of the originally brief.....to celebrate something or someone.  

Now when I was a child parties were so simple, we would do the hokey cokey, oranges & lemons and some crazy game where you had to put on lots of adult clothes and then try to cut up chocolate with a knife and fork!  I think this simplicity has been lost  and I am going to bring it back!  Well, to my own children, at least.  

Lets start with Halloween.  I have already posted a great party package (here) but here is a great idea that you can do easily, cheaply and involve the children.  Get your children to draw lots of spooky characters, houses etc  Kids drawings are so cool, they just have great imaginations and would give any quirky illustrators a run for their money!  I then drew around them with a fine liner pen, not changing the original drawing just making it clearer for the scanner.  

I then cut out all the drawings and scanned them into Photoshop, where I created an invitation. However, you do not need to do this.  You can cut out the characters and then place them on a piece of paper, building up the invite and sticking it all down when you are happy with it.  You could use old magazines and cut out words to create the writing, like a ransom note.  This is our invite, which can then be emailed to all so you don't even have to print anything off, which is cost efficient and better for the environment.

I will post part 2 shortly, where I will show you how to use all these great drawings to create a fantastic Halloween party.

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