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Thursday 19 April 2012

Rockefella SS12

Rockefella, featured in the Junior magazine 1940's Hollywood Glamour photoshoot below is a Swedish brand that makes clothes for kids with an eye to the past.  A fifties inspired range with cherry prints, dark denim, dice is certainly on trend with the ever popular rockabilly styling.  Although the clothes are quite cool the first few pages of the lookbook are too overstyled for my liking, however, I then turned to the swimwear and it became a kidswear brand for me rather than a mini me brand.  Don't get me wrong I love vintage clothing and vintage styling for kids, however I prefer a bit of contrast!  And this is where I think this range really works, dark denim jeans with large roll ups and a sweet tee / cardi...finished off with a pair of baseball boots.  (though I prefer baseball boots to be a bit battered looking!!)  All that said its a great range see more here http://www.rockefella.se/

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