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Monday 5 November 2012


I see fashion as an expression of personality.  We should not be pigeon holed into one set style.  We should be allowed to be magpies, taking a bit from here and a bit from there in order to create our own individual style.  I love vintage fashion, I love the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, but I am also in the present and do not want to look like a relic from the past.  I believe in mixing things up and I have always used this philosophy whilst designing childrenswear.

If you have a beautiful, delicate dress then this needs to be teamed up with contrasting footwear and hosiery.  It creates an eclectic and forward thinking style, plus it lends itself perfectly for childrenswear as kids love to mix it up!   Some of the most exciting outfits I have seen are styled by the child themselves.  They don't always get it right, but that's part of finding yourself.  Being allowed to be your own person.  I know that's always a little easier said than done when your child is tripping to the supermarket in a red matted wig, pink fluffy handbag and a bridesmaid dress that is too small...speaking from experience!  But I would rather see that, than an overstyled child.....Kingston Rossdale / Suri Cruize.

But before I start waffling on about celebrity children and people that have more money than style I wanted to show you some exciting photos that embody the spirit of diversity.

This image from London based Caramel Baby & Child combines the more masculine / heavy elements of the shoes / tights with the more feminine / soft / delicateness of the the skirt beautifully.

This image from French brand Talc is just lovely.  Again the contrast has been used in the footwear, but in using Doc's instead of a pair of ballet pumps they have created an edgy, eye catching seasonal campaign.  http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454195412/

Scotch & soda seem to mix it up a bit with their kidswear.  It always has an laid back approach to styling, yet is still forward thinking.  http://pinterest.com/pin/96897829454031906/

This is such a great shot...Love the band t.shirt teamed with the pretty bun bunches.  

Forever a fan of knee high socks, they can make and outfit.....there is so much choice out there!

So be free!  Take influence from whatever you love and experiment.

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