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Friday 22 February 2013

Little Bird

We can be so blinded by the bright lights of high end fashion with all the glossy Look Books, Magazine shoots and catwalks that we by-pass gems on the high street.  One such hidden gem is Little Bird by Jools Oliver at Mothercare.  Heavily influence by the nostalgia of her childhood, there is a definite 70's feel.  Lots of rainbow trims, pretty ditsy and cool stripes.  I think the key to this collection is simplicity, it isn't over embellished or designed.  For example there is a navy cord dress, with patch pocket detailing at the front and that is it....no motif, no contrast trim.  This may seem quite insignificant, but actually it is a great achievement.

Styling is easy going and contrasting, I love that delicate ditsy's are teamed up with chunky stripe Tee's and bright tights.  If you are a regular reader you will know that we love kidswear that is not over styled and Little Bird hits the nail on the head, take a look at some of the range below.  However, one major factor in this range are the red T-bar shoes.  They are the original 70's design that have Jools Oliver had as a child and were found in the Mothercare archives.  Just gorgeous, I hope that they continue to do them in a range of colours!

The great thing about this range is that it is affordable, especially in this current climate.  There is lots more to see here http://www.mothercare.com/little-bird/clothing (All Rights & Images Reserved Mothercare UK)

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