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Thursday 31 October 2013

DIY Halloween....part 2

Okay, so I really should have posted this part 2 earlier!  But better late than never, eh?  The next thing I did with the kids drawings (after scanning them in) was print them out and then we all cut them out.  This is again a great activity to do with the kids, they love to help and it develops their fine motor skills.  I just went round their edges after, just to neaten them up!  We then stuck the individual characters to cocktail sticks with a bit of sticky tape so we could then use them as cake decorations.

I also blew up some of their characters so they were A4 size, printed and cut them out.  These made great decorations.
Halloween wouldn't be halloween if it wasn't for candles, however, children/parties/candles don't exactly mix so as an alternative I cut out a flame on orange card and then stuck them to candles.  This was quite effective.  We had them placed all around the room up high, covered in cobwebs and from afar they looked authentic!
Using the kids drawings that we had previously cut out, I layered them onto a picture frame to create a spooky collage.  This makes a really cool picture, something you could do with any of their drawings.
So finally, we decorated the whole house using lots of autumnal things the kids had collected from the woods like acorns/conkers etc.  We also ripped scary faces on leaves.  My friend made the most fantastic chocolate sprinkle cake and a good time was had by all.  Have a look below and HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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