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Friday 14 March 2014


RaspberryPlum is the sort of Brand that really excites me.   It's not obvious childrenswear.  It's cool, cleverly designed and perfect for any little girl.  Feminine without being overly girlie.  Contemporary without being a slave to trend.  There is a definite nod to vintage, but overall the range is fun and more importantly wearable. We talk about children being able to be children, but still be stylish on the blog quite often and RaspberryPlum not only do this, but they promote it to -"Play, get messy but always look chic" is there tagline.  

I love the range as it is quirky, eclectic and functional with a great use of colour.  There is also a range of hosiery to complete your outfit.  Definitely another brand to watch and another firm favourite here at Dilly Foxtrot.  Click on the link above to find out more.

All Images & Rights Reserved RaspberryPlum

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