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Sunday 21 August 2011

PLOC Magazine

I love Anorak Magazine for kids and now they have brought out PLOC magazine illustrated by Alain Gree.  The illustrations are very 60's looking and are just lovely and colourful.  I need to buy one! 

The illustrations reminded me of a kids book I picked up from the charity shop, not so long ago.  Its from 1968 and it was illustrated by Ferelith Eccles Williams.  The story is hilarious and of its time.  Basically dads in a transit van and he keeps picking up people like Auntie Pat with baby Paul and they all go to the seaside in the back of the van.  No seat belts or car seats then!  They all have a bit of food that they bring with them and dad brings a bottle of beer and a newspaper!  Cool illustrations though!

Images from Leila Berg 'A Day Out' and http://www.facebook.com/#!/plocmagazine

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