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Monday 22 August 2011

Zigouis Collection for Small snow Blog

I have featured quite a few cool kids brands that have a simplistic, yet still stylish.  However, let me introduce a little French quirkness!  There is a blog / shop called The Small Snow Store which features the rare and the beautiful.  Handmade clothing / photography / illustration creating their own unique vision of the world.  Here is the clothing range by Barbara Berrada for the Zigouis.  The range contains tweed, cord, velvets and fur.  Quirky hats, tippets, capes etc.


Lis said...

Hey, I found your blog and stood out that you love vintage fabrics. I sell vintage fabrics in etsy and I would be grateful if you just visit the site.


Best wishes,

Reclaim your wedding said...

Ahh, thanks Lis i'll check it out

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