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Wednesday 2 May 2012


I've become a bit obsessed with Pinterest lately.....its just so quick!  And as a busy mum that fits in well with my current lifestyle.  There are just so many inspirational images out there.  As well as discovering new brands and blogs.  However, with spending my free time pinning i've been neglecting my blog, crocheting and general making!  So i'm going to try and combine some of my pins with my blog and hopefully kill two birds with the one stone.  And if that sounds like I don't really care about the blog, you couldn't be more wrong.  I'm just trying to find great kidswear and share it with you in a more economic time!  So here is the first Pinterest post.....Anais & I - a great brand, so beautiful.  Lovely prints and simple styling.  Not so keen on the boyswear, but the girls is just breathtaking.  Second is available on Big Cartel Harvest textiles.  Various handdrawn printed items.  These leggings are rather cool....raindrops or chevrons!

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No Debutante said...

Check out my blog Dilly...you beat me to the post.....as it were...haha!

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