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Thursday 3 May 2012


Still on a Pinterest vibe, I am getting quite a few kids brands that are following me.  One such company that joined today was Rock Your Baby.  An Austrailian brand that I had not previously heard of.  They started off with graphic tees and onesies, that had a rock'n'roll edge but have since expanded into all garments.  Their Summer 2012 range has a 'on-trend' circus slant and I really love the girls spotty all-in-ones with collar.  Super cute and not overly girly.  There seems as much detail and thought in the boyswear range as well as the girls, which if you are a regular reader you will know is one of my gripes with kidswear!  (How cool does that little boy in the green/black check shirt look?)  Take a further look here http://www.rockyourbaby.com/

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