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Monday 3 December 2012

A Most Curious Christmas Kids Fair

We met some lovely people yesterday at A Most Curious Christmas Kids Fair.  Everyone was really willing to chat and let us take photos, so thank you so much.  I'll do a more in-depth post soon, just got to sort out the photographs, but here is a little snippets of some amazing exhibitors:

the cat in the shoe

Grey Alice Rabbit, in a stripy waistcoat

We loved the surreal characters created by The Cat in The Shoe....they have such lovely faces and fabrics.
See more here http://www.thecatintheshoe.com/

Mask & cuff set...  "Glam rock"
Super cool costume brand 'I wish I was a' offer bright coloured mexican wrestler masks/cuffs, super hero capes and headdresses....all you would ever need for a make believe game!  See more here http://www.iwishiwasa.net/

Gorgeous handmade characters from Buenos Aires.  Organic cottons, recycled vintage scrap fabrics and fantastic graphics.  I'm really excited to bring you more from Argentinean-Italian designer Alejandra Salvatore.  See more here http://www.severinakids.com/

Alittle Logo Dress

Alittle Adholla offers woven & knit geometric influenced capsule range.  This is a really exciting brand that is definitely one to watch in the future.  We loved the woven collars.....brighten up any outfit!  See more herehttp://www.etsy.com/people/alittleadholla

(All Rights & Images Reserved to specific Brands)

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