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Monday 10 December 2012


There is no other word to describe this childrens furniture, but magnificent!  It is large and extravagant, but extremely skilled and crafted.  However, whimsical and fairytale this furniture is, it is also extremely practical, functional and adaptable.  For example the giraffe can be removed so that the chest of drawers are just left, therefore, growing with the child.

We were really lucky to speak to Kyra, the designer at 'A Most Curious' kids fair, it was a real joy to meet her and get to see her product in all its detail.  Plus she let us stash our coats in the lion wardrobe!  To find out more about this brand see here http://www.anaiza.co.uk

Beautiful giraffe chest of drawers
also available in natural wood

Storage in the elephants head as well as the cupboard
A more contemporary feel

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