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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Lottie Nottie

I love hairslides and have a large selection that I have been buying over the years, however, one of my daughters has commandeered most of them!  My other daughter refuses point blank to put anything in her hair, so I can relate to the story behind the lovely brand 'Lottie Nottie'.  Born out of wanting more than pretty pink hair accessories, Charlotte starting making her tomboy daughter alternative hair accessories.  People soon started asking for the hairslides and so 'Lottie Nottie' was lauched.

Lottie Nottie exhibited at 'A Most Curious' and were kind enough to stand and chat for us for a while.  We loved their product and are sure you will too.  |It is all reasonably priced and there is something for everyone;  see more here http://www.lottienottie.com/ Plus with every order now you can receive a free festive slide!

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