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Friday 15 February 2013

Creative Wrapping

Over the years I have seen many a creative present wrapping idea, but have still always used wrapping paper or brown paper.  I have ripped letters out of magazines and added the name of the recipient in a ransom style.  Well last weekend I decided to use one of the kids old magazines as wrapping paper.  Granted it was a Charlie and Lola magazine.  (I love Lauren Child for her use of collage and naive illustrations, I love the fact that the Charlie & Lola magazine always have a craft set rather than some plastic rubbish like other kids magazines)  Well the results were rather good!  I cut out letters to spell the name of the child, labelled 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' and then finished with some black wool.  Just goes to prove its not how much money you spend, but perhaps how much time you spend that counts.

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