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Friday 15 February 2013

Duo Tights / Leggings

It is no surprise that here at Dilly Foxtrot Headquarters we love a bit of contrast.  Its the little details that make a garment or outfit...Contrast stitching giving a garment a certain edge or an unexpected accessory changing the feel of a whole outfit.

My kids love to mix it up, different socks, shoes etc.  Fleur especially, she has a set style that she wants to achieve with each outfit, like today, she wore red tights with blue stars and then put a pair of sky blue stripy leggings over the top so that the tights looked like socks! That along with the blue butterfly dress, pink t.shirt and navy blazer!  Its this kind of thing that as an adult you would rule out, but as a child, they have no rules and therefore are free to dress as crazy as they like!  Therefore, the trend for duo tights / leggings are going to be an instant hit with the kids.  And forward thinking parents will love it too!  There is something a little punk rock about it, see what you think from the images below:




noz! said...

Hi Dilly,

why are these wonderful leggings only for kids? I want it for me!



Reclaim your wedding said...

Hello Katja, I know they are super cool! I'm sure somewhere someone is making them in big sizes :)

Thanks for stopping by, Selena

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