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Monday 27 May 2013


This weekend I travelled down to Bristol to visit my lovely friend Emma (Editor of Fashion Blog No Debutante) thankfully the artic temperature from Friday disappeared and the sun shined....all weekend! As always there was lots of fun things happening in the city and we chose to visit Upfest, which was a festival at a skate park with lots of live graffiti and a loud sound system.

It was a great, chilled out weekend with lots of great wine, food and conversation.  Plus Emma has three cool kids that dress perfectly....the boys are uber cool with a nod to skate fashion and little Sylvie Belle is the cutest thing ever!  It was really hard not to try and steal her!

Little Sylvie Belle wearing cute Japanese inspired graphic top, patterned bloomers & heart knee patch leggings

Emma & myself wearing 1950's style prints

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