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Monday 13 May 2013


Today I pinned a childrenswear tank top (or vest as we call them here in England) with a great graphic, so I decided to investigate further and discovered it was by lifestyle brand milkPOP.   If you click on the name it will take you to their website, which is really cool (so do!) and tells you all about the milkPOP's - yummy little creatures who live in the land of milk and Hunny.  They also inspire you to follow your dreams through art and imagination!  All the things we here at Dilly Foxtrot love and stand-by!   I love the diy and interchangeable aspects of the products as well as the unisex appeal.  Aside from the fashion/Product element, I really admire and respect this Label for their workshops with charities.   Read all about it here  (All Images & Rights Reserved milkPOP)

Image of Julian DIY Tee
Unisex Julian Tee complete with diy embellishment box

Image of Custom Converse milkPOP Sneakers!
milkPOP for Converse
Image of Farrah Tank with Pearl Necklace
Farrah Black Tank with detachable bow & pearl necklace

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