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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Sweetheart Knits

I am lucky enough to have a super talented auntie that can knit me most things, but many people do not have that option...in step Sweetheart Knits.  A group of grannies that hand knit a range of baby to adult garments and toys.   Led by Cath, who set the company up hoping to promote the end disposable clothing by showing us products that have been created with love and care.  They believe that garments should then be passed on to others to enjoy or pulled apart to make something else.  Each item comes wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine...just some of my favourite things!  Talking of which I love these little skull 'n' crossbone booties, I love the colours and would be a great little present for any baby and the loopy bolero is just so gorgeous, I had many a loopy knit coat when I was a child.  It is a real 70's style and would look great with a boho inspired summer outfit.  See the rest of what the knitters have to offer here   

It is a really lovely little find with a great message, well done ladies! (All Rights & Images Reserved to Sweetheart Knits)

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