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Thursday 26 September 2013

Marks & Spencers AW13

I popped into Marks and Spencers today and the Autumn Winter range is bursting with colour, print and style.  There was so much choice for all ages and sexes.  There were a lot of brave options and I love that there was lots of 'boyish' options for girls.  This is clever designing, often it is all too easy to go for the froufrou / pretty girl options.  Furthermore, the price point is achievable for most families.  I actually spent some money, which I wasn't intending to buy so it must be good!

Finally, it feel great to be able to talk about childrenswear that is stylish, contemporary and most importantly available/achievable for all.  I urge you to pop into store as the website doesn't really do the garments justice.  Below are our outfit picks 

All Images & Rights Reserved Marks and Spencers

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