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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Pierrot la lune

Pierrot la Lune is a new Danish childrenswear Brand that I came across via Pinterest.  I was drawn to the 'care free' childhood  element of the photographs.  The most successful childrenswear, in my opinion, is those that allow children to be children and I feel Pierrot la Lune does this in abundance.  

The Spring Summer 2014 collection is decidedly Danish in style, yet has an ambience that is classically French. There is also an Indian influence with traditional block print detailing. The colour palette is delicate and muted, chosen to be remnant of a faded photograph and a nod to the nostalgia of a bygone childhood.  Garments are simple, clean shapes with fine features such as embroidery & ruffles which are teamed up with chunkier knits.   Simply, a beautifully put together timeless collection that is affordable, ethical and environmental sustainable.

Image & Rights Reserved Pierrot la Lune

Image & Rights Reserved Pierrot la Lune

Image & Rights reserved Pierrot la Lune

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