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Thursday 13 February 2014

Poppy Rose - Perfect Bridesmaid/flower girl outfit

Following on from Yesterdays bridesmaid / flower girl trends I have the ultimate outfit for you!  It comes from the Spring Summer 2014 collection by Danish Brand Poppy Rose (featured on the cool Paul & Paula blog that features international kids design & lifestyle).  It is perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding and is a breath of fresh air to your usual bridesmaid outfits.  I know that it isn't traditionally a wedding garment, but to be honest I think looking at kids fashion would be a better place to start for inspiration rather than a wedding shop rail.  Just look at this beautiful, simple cut dress in cheery yellow with a crown of fresh flowers.  It would compliment any wedding party exquisitely! 

Photography & Styling: Melanie Rodriguez & Deborah SfezImage & Rights Reserved Poppy Rose

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