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Friday 14 March 2014

Hug & Hatch

Hug & Hatch are a New and Exciting British designed / Spanish Manufactured children's footwear company, that will launch in July with their Autumn Winter 2014 range.  It is so great to finally have a British company that creates cool and quirky footwear, we usually have to sit and admire our continental cousins so this is a real treat!  I love the fact that there is no over styling, the design talks for itself with key detailing such as contrast colour topstitching and clever fabric choices.

There are three collections that are available for Pre-walkers, First walkers and then juniors.  (There is a helpful guide to shoe sizing on the website)  Any of these styles would compliment an outfit and offer an element of cool....leopard print desert boots, what's not to love!  Click on the link above and check out the full range, you won't be disappointed.  Definitely a brand to watch and we wish them well with their launch.
Images & Rights Reserved Hug & Hatch

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