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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Streetshot of my girls

I have mentioned that I would like to start doing a 'Street Fashion' feature so I thought it only fitting that I should start with my own children.  All my children have their own style, which can be a blessing and a curse.  Sometimes their outfits work, sometimes I hang my head in shame!  It is especially tricky with my identical twin girls.  I have never dressed them the same and have let them develop their own personalities, which seems to have worked.  Fleur is experimental, she loves clothes, accessories and has a great attention to detail.  She gets clothes and styling.  Consequently she has an eclectic style.....today she teamed floral pumps (Florence & Fred), stripy tights (M&S), teal tulle gypsy skirt (M&S), hoody (Joules) & wool coat (Zara).   Nico has a more skate / tomboy attitude to clothing.  Comfort is more important, so she will never have anything in her hair!  Though she loves an accessory and is often seen with one glove and beanie hat!  Today she was wearing a cord embroidered jacket (Gap) Skinny Jeans (Zara) Long sleeve Tee (H&M) and Victoriana boots.
They do look pretty cute, I like the fact they have their own opinion even if I don't always agree with it!  

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