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Monday 29 April 2013

The David Bowie Effect

David Bowie and his alter-egos have been influencing fashion for decades and 2013 is no different.  What with the release of his first album in ten years and the V&A exhibition he is again at the forefront of popular culture.  Childrenswear has not escaped his influence, in fact the eclectic non-conformity is the ideal recipe for dressing kids.

There are plenty of 'Ziggy Stardust' inspired accessories from lightening bolt shwings for your baseball boots to gold leather wing boots and Nixie Clothing have created a 'Stardust' range for their Spring Summer 2013 collection.  A new direction for this brand, but still fitting with their 'English Eccentric' aesthetic.  A cool/muted colour palette in organic cotton and bamboo jersey, (which has a drape quality) panelling details are teamed with waste Leather/ vintage button bracelets keeping the brands sustainable clothing ethos.  It is a really beautiful range, one that my girls would love!  To see more of this collection and other Bowie influence products click on the links below:

Gold Boots
Bowie background
Nixieclothing Stardust Collection
Lightening Bolt Baseball Boots
Lightening Bolt Hairslides
Ziggy Stardust Kids
Ziggy Stardust Plush

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joke said...

Love this blogpost and thank you for mentioning my shop. JOKE

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