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Wednesday 12 June 2013


I discovered Dundelina, a Norwegian Clothing and accessory company thanks to the lovely blog  'Little Scandinavian'.  There was one shot that featured the back of a little girl sitting down, wearing baseball boots, a grey racer back vest with coral bow and stripy braces that made me instantly click on the website to find out more....here I found a gorgeous website with lots of lovely illustrations and a great concept for a clothing company.  They believe that every dress tells a story and each year releases a story written by  Norwegian author Roald Kaldestad that becomes the soul of the collection with scenes from the stories featuring as prints.  What a lovely idea?  Here at Dilly Foxtrot we encourage a creative imagination and believe in the power of stories and reading.  However, that aside the clothing is beautiful, easy to wear with a gorgeous colour palette.  There are some really sweet design aspects for instance all skirts are reversible, how cute is that?  I am so excited to have found this Brand as it is a real joy to look at and I think it is going to become a firm favourite.  You can follow them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogger so there really is no excuse! 
All Images & Rights Reserved Dundelina

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