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Friday 25 May 2012

Bohemian Trends

As a kidswear designer I believe in style and attention to detail, however, I cannot stand to see children that are so overstyled they look like a mini version of their parents / person who has styled them.  I believe that children should be allowed to be children and that good designed clothes compliment this.  We express ourselves through what we wear.  I see this more than ever with my identical twin girls.  I have never dressed them the same.  To me they are individuals not one being.  Fleur is super girlie and will only ever wear dresses and skirts, preferably one that swings with lots of nets!  She loves to have things in her hair and has a bit of an obsession with high heeled shoes.  (she can't understand why I don't wear four inch heels on the school run)  Where are Nico is cool.  A little skate girl that loves to knock around in jeans with a beanie hat and hoodie.  She also has a bit of fixation with pirates.  So, essentially have all bases covered with my girls.  However, one style that I love, that never really disappears from trend for all seasons is that of the bohemian.  Its great for all kinds of kids.  From super girlie to the real tomboys, boys to girls.  Its an easy going style, that flirts with vintage and nostalgia.  The reason it appears year on year is because it is an ecclectic mix of new and old.  Therefore, it doesn't date.  It is its own thing and has a definative look.    Its about attitude, its not what you wear, but how you wear it.  See some great examples below that I have collected on my travels via Pinterest.  The links to the original source is below the picture, so you can explore more!
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My final image is one of my all time favourites.  I've had it some years from Junior Magazine.....bit 70's, bit rock, but easy styling and cool!

1 comment :

Anabelle said...

Nice selection! And it's so true, kids who are dressed to look like their parents is no the best at all...
It's good that your girls both have their own personality and express it through clothes.

Have a great day!

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