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Sunday 1 July 2012

Still here!

Its been a while since my last post, but hopefully all problems have been sorted now!  I have been posting, unfortunately blogger hasn't been able to post them and then as time went on I was contemplating not continuing.  I use to find it strange when I followed a blog and then all of a sudden without any warning it just stopped.  I wondered why someone would put all that time and effort into something and then just cease to be without any explanation.  However, being faced with the same dilemma I now understand!  Things just get in the way!  Pinterest has kind of took over for me.  Its just so speedy and you get instant feedback, so you know you're on the right lines!  But i'm just not ready to give up Dilly yet.  My goals for the blog have certainly changed over the past year but my passion for kidswear and creativity has not.  Therefore, I give you a few great images that I have collected on Pinterest....amazing kidswear....truely inspirational!

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No Debutante said...

Hi Dilly, Me again, I posted the reply to this post on the post above! Also, Ive noticed you dont seem to be on bloglovin? I got a few more followers that way, if you are gonna continue with the blog (which, of course, you are!!) No Debutante xx

Reclaim your wedding said...

Okay chickie poos! I'll have a look into it, but i'm a bit rubbish when it comes to adding those kinda things..had to get my friends boyfriend to add my pinterest for me.....still having problems blogging....did a post last week and it posted it all over the place....rubbish.....love No Debutante....you are too cool lady :) Misss yaXXXX

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