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Sunday 1 July 2012

Emile et Ida

A lovely French brand that is made in Europe.  Offering beautifully chic and simple garments with  vintage/bohemian influence.  Liberty prints, a subtle colour palette and graphic tees create a relaxed and comfortable style, perfect for any child.  See more of the collection here 
http://www.emile-et-ida.fr (All Rights& Images Reserved to Emile et Ida)


No Debutante said...

Dilly, I hear your frustration, my blog was down for a few days and I was real worried id lost everything that I had worked hard to post!! Pinterest is so addictive that I have had to try and take a step back and just visit every now and again. My blog is like a diary for me, I am not really expecting anything from it, although I do check stats and get real excited when I get new followers. Pinterest IS so much quicker and you get so many more followers real quick. I love your little blog and you know Im always repinning your Pins!!! We would be very lucky bloggers if we got picked up by major companies and magazines after a few months of blogging but generally, life aint like that! Keep up the good work. Love you Miss Dilly xx

Reclaim your wedding said...

Ahhh, thank you my lovely...I hear you! I'm with yaxxx

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