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Friday 22 November 2013


I have been a little bit quiet of late, the usual disillusion mixed with the constant nagging of 'what am I going to do now!!!'  Sprinkled with lots of other projects, but then something always grabs me and I am compelled to share. BOO by BOOkidswear is the most innovative girlswear I have seen for sometime.  Really quirky, with geometric, graphic detailing and detachable adornments such as baby animals.  I love the photography and the beautifully illustrated backdrops.  Plus a great use of colour.           

Unfortunately, I cannot find out much about this label other than it is based in Croatia and I think the little girl in the photos is the designers daughter.  Hopefully, I will be able to find out more information and bring it to you.  But for now, check out her Etsy Store and Pinterest boards.....I think you will agree, it is a real find.  Thank you Bookidswear for restoring my faith!

Image & Rights Reserved BooKidswear

Image & Right Reserved Bookidswear

Image & Rights Reserved Bookidswear

Image & Rights Reserved Bookidswear

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